About us

The idea behind Prima Pharma came in late 2013 when the founder couldn't find omega-3 products on the market that his family liked. They faced great challenges with taste, reflux and aftertaste of fish, which led to the dietary supplements not being taken. The question that arose was simple: There must be more people struggling with the same challenges. What can one avoid this?

The founder heard about krill oil, and the benefits this has that far nullify these points through the ability to mix with the stomach contents. He felt that this was something to bet on further, and began to probe the market for potential suppliers.

After strengthening the organization, and long-term assessment of different products, contact was established and entered into agreement with one of the largest and most recognized companies in the market on krill oil. For convenience, one saw that the best way to deliver the oil was through a soft capsule filled with the healthful krillolj that would be easy to swallow. It could then be individually packaged in trays, ensuring durability, quality and simplicity.

The review of the market revealed another question; Is there a market also for other products with similar characteristics? Can this be added to other active substances with a healthful effect? During travel around the world, one also saw that it was not always as easy to have access to clean drinking water, which is an advantage if not a necessity when taking a capsule. Could this be solved easily?

Against this backdrop, a new probe of the market began to find potential solutions, and in the autumn of 2015 it was entered into contact with the manufacturer to get manufactured and developed products based on the revolutionary delivery system ConCordix. This system is very flexible, meeting the requirements and expectations that Prima Pharma has for its products. The gel pads can be chewed, taes without liquid, and can adapt through their flexibility the addition of active substances and tastes to the individual market and life phase.

As a result, we sit with some of the best manufacturers in the market to ensure the best quality products adapted to life phases and areas for the individual user. Since we believe that good and necessary supplements should be available to everyone, all of our products are Halal.

Prima Pharma is constantly growing, and outside of Scandinavia we are through our cooperation with various distributors and agents in a process with the UK, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We are always looking for good opportunities and are open to new partners in other regions as well.

We are convinced that by unecondingly developing science and nature, we will also in the future, as now, be able to offer practical and accessible high-quality goods adapted to the individual user's life phases.

For both our delivery systems, we are able to tailor the product for each market, problem area and/or phases of life.

All our products are manufactured under the strictest control measures and have certificates from either the BRC, FDA or other competent bodies to ensure that the end product holds as high a standard as possible.