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Remember to get enough vitamin D in winter! With Vitamin D supplements from Prima Pharma, both children and adults can get vitamin D3 – simple and tasty.

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For us Norwegians it is extra important to make sure to get enough Vitamin D in, as we get less from nature than they do elsewhere in the world. Make it part of your daily routine to get in you one of our supplements containing vitamin D3 – with our ConCordix soft chew pillows it's easy and tasty for both small and large.

Why take D vitamin supplements?

There are many reasons to take care of both your own and your family's intake of vitamin D, and many great benefits of avoiding having a deficiency of vitamin D.

We humans get this vitamin through certain foods such as oily fish and low-fat milk, but essentially it is rays from the sun that make our body produce them. This makes it extra important for us Norwegians to be careful to take subsidies, as for much of the year there is a lack of sunlight.

Vitamin D is important for several reasons:

  • helps keep skeletons and teeth healthy
  • supports the nerve and immune system, as well as our brain
  • regulates insulin levels and is good for diabetes
  • maintains good lung function and good for cardiovascular disease

Skeleton and teeth

Vitamin d plays an important role when it comes to the regulation of calcium and the maintenance of phosphorus in the blood. These factors are very important for maintaining a healthy and healthy skeleton. The vitamin helps our intestines absorb calcium and to regain calcium as the kidneys would otherwise excrete.

For children, vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets – a condition that causes swelling of bones in the ankles and wrists, pain in the legs and arms, wheel leginess and possible inhibited longitudinal growth. In adults, the deficiency can lead to osteomalacia, which can cause poor bone density and muscle weakness. For some, osteoporosis can also be a result.

Booster immune system lasted

Vitamin D also gives our immune system a boost, helping to keep it balanced throughout the cold and flu season. That our immune system is in good condition is very important for fighting all types of diseases, and your vitamin D status can affect how effective your immune system is.

Our immune system uses T-cells to fight viruses, bacteria and cancer – without vitamin D, the T cells can't do their job. D vitamin supplements are thus a very important to get in to keep the body healthy and free from diseases.

Our D vitamin supplements

Prima Pharma offers ConCordix products – a new Norwegian technology that allows us to combine water-soluble and oil-based ingredients. These are turned into millions of small drops, collected in a soft, chewable pillow. The advantages of this technology are many, including the cushions are easy to get into and can be chewed whenever and anywhere without the intake of food and drink. They are tasty and are designed to help you avoid acid reflux. In addition, the contact surface is larger than on other capsules and pills, so you get a 44% higher uptake of ingredients in the stomach. We offer two different products containing vitamin D:

Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids is a perfect option to meet the needs of your children for vitamin D. As mentioned earlier, deficiency of vitamin D in children can lead to very undesirable conditions and an increased risk of being infected by diseases that a weak immune system cannot fight.

Our dietary supplements make it easy to make sure your child gets what they need from vitamin D3 and Omega 3 – the technology used makes our "soft chews" has a good, child-friendly taste of Tutti Frutti and that all fish taste is masked by this. Thus, this becomes a pleasure to take every day for children and young adults, covering their entire daily needs for both of these nutrients.

Healthy Woman

Another of our products made with this technology is Healthy Woman, a product designed for mature women. The dietary supplement contains RE vitamins A, Omega 3 and vitamins E, K2 and D3.

It is important for both small and large to be careful about taking supplements of vitamins, especially D vitamin supplements. The older we get, the greater the risk of getting a large number of diseases. That's why we need an immune system that works the way it should.

We are Prima Pharma

Prima Pharma was founded to solve something that for many of us is an everyday problem: finding supplements that everyone in the family likes, which does not give aftertaste of fish or acid reflux. After a long process, in 2015, a contract was signed to produce the products the founder had been looking for – products based on krill oil with a high content of several good nutrients.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our products please feel free to contact us by email post@primapharma.no. Check out all our supplements and order, among other things, D vitamin supplements easily here on our website.

Our products