Try the "soft drops" products from Prima Pharma based on ConCordix – a revolutionary new form of delivery for dietary supplements!

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What is ConCordix?

ConCordix is a new Norwegian and revolutionary technology used to assemble dietary supplements. The technology offers several exciting advantages, compared to tablets and capsules.

ConCordix is a type of soft jelly pads that are chewed and swallowed. The gelatin base used in the pads is designed to taste good and to mask the taste of zinc and fish oil, making it easier for both children and adults to get important vitamins and other supplements. They should also reduce the risk of acid reflux, which can often occur after taking tablets.

The chewable cushions are also easy to take, anytime, anywhere. You do not take them with water or food, and they are chewed and swallowed very easily. There is also room for enough ingredients in the pads, up to 620mg, so you only need to take one every day.

A new combination

This new technology allows us to combine both oil and water-soluble ingredients, as everything is turned into millions of small droplets located inside the gel. This increases the contact surface and allows the ingredients in the pads to mix quickly with the stomach contents. Compared to traditional soft gels, you get 44% higher uptake with ConCordix products, while avoiding acid reflux.

With this technology, we create a tasty, chewable "gel pad" where we can add different flavors without affecting what nutrients you get in you. For the smallest we add flavors like Tutti Frutti, while other type of supplements have flavors like Coca Cola.

Our ConCordix products

We offer a wide range of Norwegian-made products made with ConCordix technology. Get in you and your family essential nutrients easily and tastefully by including one of our products in their daily routine.

Healthy Kids

For the smallest we have the product Healthy Kids - a dietary supplement that adds more Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 to the children's diet. This helps maintain the child's normal brain, heart, bone and blood conditions. All you need is one tasty capsule daily to meet your child's daily needs.

Healthy Training

This dietary supplement contains vitamins E, B12 and CoQ10, and is designed to give your body a little extra boost before exercise. Our soft chew pillow is easy to take and boosts your energy levels, as well as your combustion.

Healthy Woman

Healthy Woman is one of our ConCordix supplements designed to make mature women easily "the little extra" – this should help maintain good health and provide strength to meet everyday life. The pads contain Omega 3, RE vitamin A, plus vitamins D3, E and K2 MK7.

Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin is perfect for teenagers and young adults struggling with the skin. The dietary supplement contains EPA, DHA, Omega 3, Argan oil, Zinc, Selenium, vitamin E and RE vitamin A to help you keep both your skin and your heart healthy.

Healthy Weight

With Healthy Weight, you get a little extra help to maintain a normal combustion. The ingredient Choline plays a big role in transporting fat in the body, while Cola Nut Extract has shown good results when it comes to fat burning.

Krill products

With us you also get several products based on krill oil. Read more about these and the benefits of krill here.

Read more about our products or contact us if you have any questions or inquiries. We have a huge selection of ConCordix products – try them out today!

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